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TRUE Lacrosse

TRUE Lacrosse

For more than 100 years TRUE Sports have been innovating performance enhancing sports products. We put the research, time and investment into our ideas; the blood, sweat and tears into our designs; the early mornings and the late nights into perfecting the experience athletes feel with our products – because we know good isn’t good enough. It’s greatness that creates a legacy.

TRUE Lacrosse is dedicated to developing the most technologically advanced lacrosse equipment to unlock the fullest potential of each and every athlete. True Temper Sports is headquartered in in Memphis, TN, with sales, R&D and distribution facilities located around the globe including San Diego, Chicago, Canada, England and Asia.

TRUE Lacrosse specialise in lacrosse sticks, shafts, heads, mesh and protective lacrosse gear for both men and women. All of their lacrosse equipment is designed to be light and durable, whilst also offering consistency and better performance for athletes.

Refer to https://www.truetempersports.com/en-us/lacrosse/ 

Northern Soul Sportswear are an authorised distributor in the UK and EU for TRUE Lacrosse and stock the full selection of TRUE Lacrosse equipment.

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For warranty information refer https://www.truetempersports.com/en-us/lacrosse/warranty-policy