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Pro Box Wood Lacrosse Stick with Rawhide Gut Handmade by Justin Skaggs

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Pro Box Wood Lacrosse Stick Handmade by Justin Skaggs


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This Wooden BOX Lacrosse Stick was handmade by Justin Skaggs. All of his sticks are made from Hickory trees cut in Northern Pennsylvania. Each stick is handcrafted over the course of many months. Pockets are often overlooked on classic wooden sticks. I've strung pockets for more than 16 years, and I use that stringing experience to mold a hand spun pocket that is broken in and ready to enjoy. I prefer to use a traditional rawhide gutwall, which is sourced from a family farm in central PA. The head is laced with a softly braided bootlace.

As noted in the name, this model is made for BOX Lacrosse. Box sticks feature a more narrow head which makes for easier cradling and gives similar feel to modern heads. The box stick, from a stick making perspective, is the only stick you are likely to be judged on. It is the cross that other stick makers would inspect and scrutinize. It isn't that any other frame is less difficult, quite the opposite in fact. The reason that the box lacrosse stick is the standard, is because it is the modern-day wooden stick. It is, quite simply, the only stick that a player is allowed to use in the contemporary version of our game, and therefore, it is the only one that can be tested, tried, and proven. I had tried various shapes, styles, and designs, and I came to the conclusion that I wanted my sticks to be playable at the highest level. With that in mind, I decided on a slightly thicker wooden sidewall. This will allow it to sustain the abuse. Additionally, I shaped the head in such a way that the thicker sidewall would not affect the balance of the stick, which was tricky. It was the decision to make this stick with the professional player in mind that lead me to name it the Box Pro.

The head shape was my first decision, and it was the only really hard one to make. I always knew how I wanted the rest of my frame to be. I tapered the handle as to allow for proper handling and to increase the player's ability to recognize their hand placement. I also dropped the center of gravity by offsetting the head. This, combined with a well-channeled pocket, makes allows the player to cradle with the same competency that they would enjoy in a modern plastic head. The beauty of all of this is that it is not a flimsy piece of plastic, it is an absolute monster!