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Stringking Lacrosse

Custom Dyed StringKing Mark 2V with ECD Hero 3.0 Mesh

Custom Dyed StringKing Mark 2V with ECD Hero 3.0 Mesh

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Built for versatility.

The Mark 2V delivers a balance of strength, control, and accuracy to the all-around player.

A better pocket.

We’ve made it easier than ever to string up the perfect pocket. 29 stringing holes on each sidewall allow for unrivaled customization and fine-tuning.

Ground ball vacuum.

We engineered the Mark 2V to guide ground balls into your pocket and keep them there. The aggressively angled scoop acts like a funnel, letting you attack the ball from any direction. Light.

Stiff. Strong.

Advanced bone-growth optimization software helped us identify low-stress areas where we could remove material without sacrificing strength—giving you a strong, light, stiff head.

No head rattle.

The lightweight bolt included with the Mark 2V goes through the front and back of our Metal 2 shafts, locking the head from both ends to stop head rattle.