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Gait Lacrosse

Custom Gait Whip Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick with Ignite Mesh

It will not be long before you see hoards of women's lacrosse players rocking the Gait Whip, its piece of heavy artillery in the crazy arms race......seriously this thing is an absolute hand cannon. Finally a women’s head that not only allows you to have the largest front pocket, but also isn’t super wide and flimsy resulting in a deceptive attackers dream stick! The Curved Offset drops the ball into the front of the pocket faster than any other head on the market providing incredible feel and maximum power. The double sidewall technology creates a narrow channel at the widest part of the head allowing for optimal sweet spot control. The Gary Gait Smile scoop design will leave the competition behind on ground balls, and accuracy…#forgetaboutit #pickacorner #lightsout The new stringing hole concept gives a large front pocket without the hook when releasing the ball.

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Unrivaled front pocket for peak performance.

Ultimate scoop design for accuracy and ground ball pickups.

Double sidewall technology creates a super narrow channel.

The new stringing hole concept gives a large front pocket.

Features Gait Carbon Mid shaft for superior strength and lightweight.