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STX Lacrosse

STX Memory Mesh - Colours

STX Memory Mesh Colours

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If you think there's a piece of mesh that can't hold its shape, be prepared to have your preconceived notions shattered. The STX Memory Mesh will help you to string a better pocket and keep it longer. The mesh is moisture repellent for great playing conditions in any weather. In addition, the Memory Mesh has an STX exclusive Coaxial Composite™ dual fiber weave, which is a tough material that can withstand repeated impact and sidewall abrasion. The mesh's core has 15x the tensile strength of steel (! and value = '; so you know this mesh will last you a very long time.


•Durable, weatherproof, and consistent STX 10 diamond mesh

•Super-strong and durable with 15x the tensile strength of steel

•Control fiber for optimal ball feel

•Coaxial Composite™ withstand repeated impacts and sidewall abrasions