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Warranties, Returns & Disclaimer

Warranty Claims

  1. 1. A copy of the manufacturer's warranty policy is available on request.
  2. 2. Any claims under that warranty are specifically between the purchaser and the manufacturer.
  3. 3. Northern Soul Sportswear Limited will, without exception, handle all warranty claims provided the purchase has been made through Northern Soul Sportswear Limited. 
  4. 4. Northern Soul Sportswear Limited reserves the right to decline to deal with any claims where the purchase has been made from any other retailer.€
  5. 5. Where Northern Soul Sportswear Limited agrees to handle any such claims then a handling fee will be a condition of any such agreement.
  6. 6. Any item which has been physically altered in any way e.g. pinching or dyed, will not be replaced. Any such alterations void the manufacturer's warranty.
  7. 7. Validity of warranty claims can be subjective e.g. in the context of 'what constitutes normal wear and tear'. In these cases we do follow the advice and policy of the supplier, but under 'UK Trading Standards' a full refund is not necessarily valid for goods which have been used and/ or are not returned in the original packaging.


Returns & Exchange Policy

Northern Soul Sportswear Limited will accept the return or exchange of any product provided that it is unworn or unused and in manufacturer's original packaging. The return must be carried out in accordance with the following returns procedure -

  1. 1. The purchaser must contact Northern Soul Sportswear Limited to agree the return or exchange.
  2. 2. Any returns must be notified to Northern Soul Sportswear Limited within 14 days of original purchase.
  3. 3. If the unsuitability e.g. sizing, was due to an error by Northern Soul Sportswear Limited, then we will pay the return costs. In all other cases the costs of return and insurance are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  4. 4. Returns within 14 days from purchase, may be issued with a credit, exchanged, or a full refund in the original form of payment. A full refund is based upon the original purchase price less possible charge against original shipping costs if not covered within original purchase.
  5. 5. Any returns must be in original condition, unused and undamaged as determined by Northern Soul Sportswear Limited, and in the original packaging.
  6. 6. No personally customised items will be accepted within the terms of this 'returns & exchange policy'. This includes custom coloured helmets which are all assembled to order in the USA.



Lacrosse is a dangerous sport. By participating in the game of lacrosse you are accepting a certain degree of risk of injury, including serious injury or even death. Injuries can, and do occur. Protective equipment does not prevent, nor does it protect against all types of injuries. It is designed to reduce the risk of minor injuries incurred during normal playing of the game. Helmets and face masks will not protect against all types of minor injuries.