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ECD Lacrosse 4th July Product Drop

ECD Lacrosse 4th July Product Drop

Jason Perrin |

Over recent years we've come to expect a number of brands to drop some cool limited edition products for the 4th July. This year was a little different as only the guys over at ECD released new gear for Independence Day and and it turned out to be their biggest drop yet.

ECD limited edition lines are only produced in small numbers offered with a very select group of retail partners and Northern Soul just happens to be one of them, so lets take a look at what goodies we have available.

As the leading lacrosse mesh brand ECD have not disappointed this year with what has to be our favourite colourway of USA Hero mesh to date and for the first time ever they've treated the goalies to a USA themed semi soft Impact mesh.

One of the hottest selling arm pads here at Northern Soul over the past year of so has to be the Echo arm pads by ECD, popular with players looking for lightweight materials and built-in venting make for a pad so light and comfortable; you may have to be reminded to take them off after the game. The camo design and subtle USA theme on the strap look very, very cool but act quick as we only has a handful available in our store.


ECD have been one of the games leaders in carbon handles and despite being one some of the most expensive attack handles in the game today we really rate the MTX 2.0 and LTX 2.0 handles extremally highly, the durability on the originals is much improved and again the camo graphics are extremely cool.


ECD has also looked after the ladies is style with the Infinity Pro Elite USA setup, if you are unaware of the new ECD women's pocket then you need to pay attention as it's a serious upgrade on the Venom pocket in everyway. Always a little surprised not to sell more ECD Infinity sticks as we think the build quality and performance of the head is right up there with any other high end women's product on the market.