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Lacrosse Brands

Here at Northern Soul you will find the widest range of lacrosse brands outside of North America. Whether you are looking for the best women’s sticks from Gait or the latest helmet from Cascade. You can find all the brands we stock from here.
  • Adrenaline Lacrosse

    Adrenaline Lacrosse

    Adrenaline Lacrosse specialise in lacrosse clothing and lacrosse events across the nation. They were founded in 2001 and hold a huge passion for lacrosse and being able to develop the best performance clothing.

  • Bownet

    Bownet Sports

    Bownet Sports produce the world's best portable training goals and ball stop barriers. Based in Camarillo, CA, USA Bownet offer a range of training aids for a variety of sports.

  • Cascade Lacrosse

    Cascade Lacrosse

    Cascade Lacrosse are renown for their high quality, high performance lacrosse helmets and eye protection. Northern Soul Sportswear is proud to be an authorised Cascade distributor in UK and EU.

  • ECD Lacrosse

    ECD Lacrosse

    Located in Towson MD USA, East Coast Dyes are a manufacturer of high quality lacrosse equipment, designed with and for the games’ most elite players.

  • Epoch Lacrosse

    Epoch Lacrosse is a U.S. design and technology company committed to exclusively creating the highest-performing lacrosse equipment and manufactured in the U.S.

  • Gait Lacrosse

    Gait Lacrosse

    Gait Lacrosse is focused on improving the game, through product that is tested on field, and proven to perform. Be Legendary!

  • Gin & Juice

    Gin & Juice

    Northern Soul Sportswear stock a small but fabulous range of Gin & Juice lacrosse clothing, including t-shirts, hoodies and jogging bottoms.

  • Maverik Lacrosse

    Maverik Lacrosse

    Based in Exeter, N.H., and founded in 2005 by All-American professional lacrosse players, Maverik Lacrosse is a leading manufacturer of lacrosse equipment.

  • Nike Lacrosse

    Nike Lacrosse

    Nike are known for their quality sportswear and they sit at the top of the most popular lacrosse brands list with some of the hottest products in the market.

  • Rage Cage

    Rage Cage

    Located in Severn MD USA Rage Cage is the most sought-after brand for collapsible goals in the market. Rage Cage manufacture Lacrosse, Soccer and Hockey goals.

  • Shock Doctor

    The company provides mouth guards, support garments and braces, pelvic protectors and other shock-absorption products manufactured with the latest technology.

  • StringKing Lacrosse

    StringKing Lacrosse

    StringKing is a small sporting goods and apparel brand based in Los Angeles, CA USA. StringKing’s core business is the design and manufacture of men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks.

  • STX Lacrosse

    STX Lacrosse

    Officially founded in 1970 with the receipt of a US Patent for a synthetic stick, STX has been the innovative leader in lacrosse equipment for over five decades.

  • Swax Lax

    Swax Lax, founded by Laura Gump, specialise in developing products tailored for lacrosse coaches, empowering athletes to train with assurance in any environment.

  • Throne

    Throne Lacrosse

    Based in Brooklyn, NY USA, Throne Lacrosse is a well-established and high-quality manufacturer that focuses on premier lacrosse mesh and stringing supplies.

  • True


    For more than 100 years TRUE Sports have been innovating performance enhancing sports products. We put the research, time and investment into our ideas.

  • Unequal

    Unequal makes tested battlefield body armor that uses cutting edge materials like Kevlar, Accelleron and Tridur to reduce acceleration and absorb and disperse impact shock.

  • Under Amour

    Under Armour Lacrosse

    Under Armour Lacrosse was created to innovate, inspire and improve lacrosse all around. The quality range from Under Armour features outstanding lacrosse heads.

  • Warrior

    Warrior Lacrosse

    Warrior Lacrosse is a well-established and high-quality lacrosse manufacturer that focuses on lacrosse equipment and clothing.