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Northern Soul Sportswear is the biggest multi branded UK Lacrosse vendor and offers the widest range of all the main brands and specialist products for players, coaches and fans throughout Europe. Northern Soul Sportswear is the leading provider of lacrosse equipment outside North America. Northern Soul Sportswear has been trading for over 13 years but has a pedigree of over 30 years retailing Lacrosse equipment through director Jason Perrin. As a lacrosse playing family run business we have contributed towards to growth of lacrosse in the UK and many countries in mainland Europe.

Northern Soul Family 

We are the only multi branded Lacrosse vendor in the UK offering STX, NIKE, GAIT, ECD, StringKing, Maverik and Cascade. We also represent a number of smaller niche Lacrosse brands such as Epoch, TRUE, Adrenaline, Rage Cage and Throne.

We employ lacrosse players who understand lacrosse products and can advise customers in this very important niche market. Our staff have been involved at every level of the game from grass roots recruitment to International representation and coaching. We have unmatched knowledge of the products available and the game in all its different variants.

We operate a bricks and mortar store dedicated solely to Lacrosse based in Manchester. We attend many major UK lacrosse tournaments offering the largest range of Lacrosse gear in Europe. We have fast become the number one lacrosse store for players and fans.

No other company outside of North America lives and breaths lacrosse like we do. You'll never come across another office that looks anything like ours.

Northern Soul Lacrosse Office

“Bringing swagger to a Lacrosse field near you”