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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping With Us

How do I check my order status?

You should receive email confirmation once your order is confirmed and another with tracking details. You'll also be able to track your order on you customer account.

How do I contact Northern Soul Sportswear?

You can contact us via email, phone or on the live chat.


Phone: +44 7876 556923

Where is Northern Soul Sportswear's store located?

Baggataway House, 16 Vernon Street, Hyde, Manchester, SK14 1QH, United Kingdom

What times are you open?

We are normally open 9-5 Monday to Friday but there are times we may vending at events so it's always best to call ahead to avoid disappointment. 

Weekends we are occasionally able to open by appointment.

Buying A Stick Or Equipment

What lacrosse stick should I buy?

Lacrosse sticks are more position specific than ever before. Having said that there are some great sticks which can be used all over the field. If you need some advice then reach out to our team.

Are there beginner’s specific sticks?

There are great companies like Stringking, ECD, Maverik and STX that do a huge range of sticks for your child if they are just picking up lacrosse.

How do I size my gloves , shoulder pads and arm pads?

Here is a general sizing chart for pads and gloves:

XS = Under the age of 5, under 80lbs, glove size 8"

S = Ages 6 to 8, 81 - 105lbs, glove size 10"

M = Ages 9 - 13, 106 - 150lbs, glove size 12"

L = Ages 14+, 151+ lbs, glove size 13"

Custom Products

How long does it take to receive a custom helmet?

All custom Cascade helmets are assembled to order in the USA and in most cases are available in around 14 days.

Still looking for answers?

If the answers you're looking for aren't in our FAQ, please send us an email by completing the form below.