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STX Cell 6 Arm Protection

STX Cell 6 Arm Protection

Jason Perrin |

STX manufacture some of the very best lacrosse protective equipment in the game. In the 33 years I've played lacrosse there's been very few occasions that I've worn many models of arm protection that was not made by STX.

The latest offering from STX is the Cell 6 range of arm protection which offers 3 styles of pad and frankly they are all excellent options. STX's Cell range has evolved over the years and the new line of Cell VI™ gear is lighter, more comfortable, and tough enough to keep you safe while you play the game with no distractions.

Don't expect massive changes from the Cell 5 arm protection but you will notice that the arm pads, arm guards, and elbow pads has been designed for even more comfort and mobility, without sacrificing protection. The biggest change for me has to be that were in the past, the arm pad has been the one to let the entire range down but not anymore. The moment you slip on the arm pad you'll immediately feel the difference from previous STX Cell arm pads as it's super comfortable and allows you unrestricted movement.

The only thing that maybe lets the range down is that in recent seasons we have seen STX offer more colour options as stock allowing players more choice to match their uniforms. Personally I feel it's a smart move to only offer white and black as there is such a thing as too much choice.

Take a look at our YouTube video as it might help you figure out what your next pair of arm pads should be.