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STX Stallion 1K - Hottest Seller Here At Northern Soul

STX Stallion 1K - Hottest Seller Here At Northern Soul

Jason Perrin |

The Stallion 1K was a hot product when it first released  back in early 2023 and it's proving to be one of the hottest heads on the market over a year later. Longevity is earnt and nobody can question STX's name in the manufacturing of high performance lacrosse heads, with maybe the exception of the Stallion Omega with seemed to have an unusual number of breakage issues. We've sold well over 200 Stallion 1K heads still it first came out and literally had one broken in that time so you can be reassured that the build quality of this latest Stallion is nothing short of excellent. 

Since 2012, the STX Stallion has been a mainstay in the STX line, and in the hands of midfielders at all levels of the game. First made famous in the hands of legendary Johns Hopkins alum Kyle Harrison (aka K18), the Stallion introduced players to a capable all-around men's lacrosse head designed to play on both sides of the field for the 2 way middie. With a moderate face shape, the Stallion is designed for clean catches and careful cradles, and has allowed players to transition seamlessly from defense to offense, driving straight to the goal. More than 10 years since the original was released, the Stallion 1K builds on the Stallion platform, and was designed for players who are committed to the game—logging thousands of reps, passes, shots and wins.