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Look After Your Pocket And Your Pocket Will Look After You

Look After Your Pocket And Your Pocket Will Look After You

Jason Perrin |

Never underestimate the importance of a great pocket in your men's lacrosse stick. Remember that it's the only thing in direct contact with the ball, so making the right choice on the materials and how your pocket is strung can be majorly important. Making the wrong pocket choice, poor maintenance or using an inexperienced stringer can all lead to problems on the field.

Pocket placement is equally important, a low pocket in a men's stick will sit very close to the throat of the lacrosse stick and allow the ball to rest vertically in the stick so that one-handed cradling/dodging is easier. Mid Pockets are the best of both worlds. You get the feeding ability of a low pocket, the quick control of a high pocket, and extreme versatility. Lots of players prefer how Mid Pockets are very customizable for benefits from all styles of stringing. The ground ball ability of a High Pocket is one of the best attributes that makes it an easy choice for defense but also the choice of big shooters. A high pocket allows you to have a release that is best for the outside shooter but this is as much abut technique as it is the pocket. 

Look after your stick by maintaining a pocket that will help you elevate your game. We cannot stress enough that the stick is your tool and it needs to be kept sharp if you want to go to work on the field.

When it comes to playing lacrosse, having a well-maintained pocket is crucial for optimal performance on the field. But why is it so important for lacrosse players to know how to maintain their pocket?

Consistent Ball Control

By keeping their pocket in top condition, lacrosse players can ensure consistent ball control during gameplay. A well-maintained pocket allows for better grip on the ball, making it easier to catch, cradle, and pass with precision.

Accurate Shots

With a properly maintained pocket, lacrosse players can achieve more accurate shots on goal. A well-adjusted pocket can help players control the release of the ball, leading to more successful shots and increased scoring opportunities.

Compliance with Regulations

It's important for lacrosse players to know how to maintain their pocket within the regulations set by the sport's governing bodies. By understanding the rules and guidelines for pocket maintenance, players can avoid penalties and ensure fair play on the field.

Longevity of Equipment

Properly maintaining their pocket can also extend the longevity of a lacrosse player's equipment. By regularly checking and adjusting their pocket, players can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on their stick, ensuring it remains in good condition for longer periods of time.

Overall, knowing how to maintain their pocket is essential for lacrosse players looking to improve their performance, comply with regulations, and prolong the life of their equipment. By taking the time to care for their pocket, players can enhance their skills and enjoy a more successful experience on the lacrosse field.

Trust in a Quality Stringer

Here at Northern Soul have been lucky enough to have some incredible stringers work for us over the years. Make no mistake, no stringer is the well of all knowledge, stringing methods develop all the time and stringing materials continue to get better and better. One thing we can promise is that we will always give our customers the very best quality pockets you'll find in the whole of Europe.