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New Releases

New Releases

Northern Soul |

Over the last week STX have released two new heads. Firstly the most hyped up head, the Surgeon 900, we've seen several teasers of this head over the last couple of months, thanks to people like @artorlax and now its finally released.

STX Surgeon 900 strung

Designed for the elite attackman the Surgeon 900 has 20 sidewall holes, two sidewall rails, and one Channel LockTM for unmatched pocket control.

The previous surgeon head, the 700, was a very underrated head with a nice tight face shape but, what let it down was the the fact that it just wasn't stiff enough. I've found that most players in Europe want a head that can be used in all postions which is why the stallion 700 has been one of the most popular heads since its release. The Surgeon 900 has been updated and uses the moulded with enduraform plastic which has greatly improved the stiffness and durability of the head while still being the lightest head in STX's line up.

Having had a bit of hands on time with the head I think that its a great update to the surgeon line with the stiffer enduraform plastic and I'm impressed with how light the head is. It'll be interesting to see how it hold up in the hands of the pros in the PLL this year.

The other new release has been the Duel Reflex, this head has gone a bit under the radar. It is not a Duel 3, using the original duel mold, but with a upgraded plastic.

STX Duel Reflex unstrung

Although the head is much stiffer compared to the Duel 2, the Reflex is still able to clamp around the ball well and should last must longer without hour glassing and becoming illegal. while the plastic has been updated it appears that the plastic is not able to hold its shape as well as other face off heads such as the ECD Weapon X and the Stringking Mark 2F but time will tell how well the head hold up.