Northern Soul On YouTube

Northern Soul On YouTube

If you're a regular to this blog then the chances are you also watched the odd YouTube video we've done over the past few years. Ok, so by no means are we trending international vloggers but we've certainly enjoyed producing content for you guys and girls no matter if you are seasoned vet or a complete newbie to the sport of lacrosse. We've always worked hard to set ourselves apart from the other UK lacrosse retailers and YouTube has definitely helped us stay ahead of the pack.

We have made a real effort to cover a wide variety of subjects on our channel, from reviews of new products to looking at vintage equipment from decades ago. A personal favorite has to be Wood Stick Wednesday. As we edge closer to 500 subscribers on the channel, we thought it would be fun to run through some of the most viewed videos and also show you some of our top picks that you may not have seen.

Social media can be a fickle old beast and what we like might not be what the rest of the world likes, but the numbers tell us that following views are the most viewed from our channel. 

The most viewed video with over 5.2K views is the Gait Whip review. No surprise with this one, it's the most in depth video on one of the best selling women's lacrosse sticks to hit the market. Worth noting that the Flex Mesh in this video is the 1st generation, Gait has made some changes with the Flex Mesh to further improve it.

Second most viewed video with over 4.3K is our Gait Apex and updated Flex Mesh video. There's a theme here...Gait has drawn some serious interest from the women's lacrosse community worldwide. Without doubt these 2 sticks are 2 of the top three currently and it will be a good while until another stick knocks one of these out of the top 3 spots.

Our third most viewed video is the Cascade XRS review with 3.4K, a fun video to make as it was literally the first time trying on the new helmet from Cascade. There's never been a bad Cascade helmet and we are really forward to seeing and wearing whatever they might be working on right now.

Bringing you reviews of new products releases is fun but we also like to dig out the old plastic to show you just how lucky you are to have some much choice and tech available to you. Sticks have come a long way over the years and it's kind of cool to look back at some of the early plastic. 

For those of you that has visited our store you can't helped to have noticed the office areas are like a museum to our sport. There's so much history and some great stories to be told although there are times that we uncover some seriously interesting tales once we've done a little research. 

During Covid lockdowns we really wanted to keep in touch with our customers and fellow lacrosse players. It would have been easy for some people to drift away from the sport during a difficult time when we were unable to play. I'll level with you guys, it help me a lot during lockdown and I know that there's many people out there that enjoyed the brief escape from the awful times we were living through. While other businesses and governing bodies seemed to mothball themselves for nearly 2 years we felt it was our duty to keep you guys engaged with some good lacrosse content, I hope we did you proud.

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