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Social Media And Lacrosse Drills

Social Media And Lacrosse Drills

Jason Perrin |

Lacrosse players should embrace social media. Not to learn stupid dances and watch trending videos but to better their game and here's why....

The resources available to use know as players and coaches are incredible. Some of the most knowledgeable coaches and players are available 24 hours a day and they we can learn so much from them in terms of breaking down the skills required to be a better player. Although I don't coach much these days due to family and work commitments, I feel like the resources out there now would have made me a much better coach back during the years I'd spent as a full time lacrosse coach. 

In this blog I want to give you a few accounts that you really need to follow. This is by no means a full list and apologies in advance to those who feel I missed from the list. Be aware that there so accounts that basically give you a little taster and want you to subscribe to their training portal with way more drills and coaching tips that you would need to pay for. I've been able to view some of these people coach first hand at Laxcon a number of times, if your a coach and not using drills such as these then please take note.

Dodge City Lax - @dodgecity_lax

This is currently one of my favourite Instagram accounts. So many great drills, if your not following this account I'm going to hunt you down. 




Nick Tintle - @coach_tintle

Take a solid look through Coach Tintle's videos as you'll find them very immersive, there's some I felt I was in that coaching session with him. High quality stuff and a must follow! Ditch following the funny cats and get better at lacrosse right now! 




Daria Lucchesi - @lacrossetutor 




Deemer Class -  @firstclasslacrosse

Deemer class was a stud player at Duke and in the PLL, would you turn down a chance to learn from him?



Shannon Korey Brinson - @shanbreezy_ 



Jules Heningburg - @julesheninhburg 

Heningburg has been tearing it up in the PLL and there's some great footwork drills available to you on his Instagram account.


Ric Beardsley - @ricbeardsley

As a young player growing up and playing long pole I was obsessed with this guy. Still an idol today. Coach Beardsley gets some hate now and again for some of the checks he might coach but it's high risk, high gain. Worth watching his videos but also vintage footage of him throwing these checks in his Syracuse years #makedefensegreatagain



 Jerry Ragonese - @flowgo37

Here's one for you Face Off guys. Jerry has some great coaching videos and is one the funniest lacrosse accounts out there.



Kacy Small - @shakeschoollacosse

When we attend Laxcon in the US we mostly go for the trade side of things, meeting up for the brands and suppliers. One of the coaching demos we ALWAYS watch is Shake School Lacrosse. Coach Smalls often works with International, PLL and College players in the off season, you have the chance to learn from a great coach right here.





As I said here the start of this blog, there are too many great accounts to post all of them here. If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat. The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking.