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Jason Perrin |

The battle to break 1000 YouTube subscribers goes on. Of all the various social media platforms that Northern Soul has a presence on, YouTube is without doubt the one that's been most difficult to build. It's saturated with various channels and in many cases the same type of content can be found covering almost every conceivable niche. Lacrosse is no different. It's most definitely a long game and you can understand why so many content creators give up on YouTube. Standing out in this crowded space is a significant challenge for most.

There's definitely the appetite for our Northern Soul YouTube Channel and we like to think that some of our content is a little different to what's out there already. One thing we hope to improve on is how often we post new videos. With the move to our new location in Hyde, the past few months have been rather hectic to say the least. As it happens we are busy cracking out new content right now. It's this time of year that we receive samples of new product that will hit the shelves next season so we are producing some great review videos. As long as you guys enjoy watching and we enjoy producing, Northern Soul will continue to grow on YouTube.

Take a look here at some of our viewed content.