The Big Move

The Big Move

Nearly a year after viewing our new store location, we are finally moving! Our offer was accepted in April and lawyers instructed. We hit some planning issues and had to jump through some hoops along the way but our relocation to Hyde is now happening.

It is said that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, after divorce and bereavement. Well it feels like we've moved 10 houses over the past 2 weeks since receiving the keys to our new showroom, warehouse and global HQ. 

Northern Soul has operated from Woodend Mill in Mossley for 14 years. The Grade 2 Listed textile mill building has allowed us to grow over that time from some garret space above our screen printer to a totally unique Lax showroom and warehouse to support our website.

If you have visited us in recent years sure you will agree that we developed something special at Mossley.

  • A men's showroom, a women's showroom when all the stick and pocket rules changed and the first ever showroom dedicated just to Goalies.
  • A massive display of wooden sticks including the actual Goal Keepers stick used by Jack Griffith (Stockport LC) in the 1948 Olympics at Wembley Stadium in front of over 60,000 spectators.
  • A huge display of retro Lax memorabilia as the sport developed last century and more recent items of interest
  • The biggest selection of Lacrosse mesh, string and stringing accessories outside the US to cater for our famous range of custom pockets and customer restrings.
  • Jason's Soul Cave - the dye room where all the magic happens and plain white heads are transformed into works of art and things of great beauty.

If you've followed our progress over the years than you'll know just how much hard work we put in to the space we occupied at Woodend Mill.

We plan to be fully functioning at our new Hyde location by the end of March and open to receive customers in early April.

It's been tough not to share the progress we are making but watch this blog for some sneak peeks over the next few weeks. Without doubt we are creating the most exciting Lacrosse store on planet Earth. It will be worth the wait!

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