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The Oldest And Perhaps Rarest Lacrosse Stick In England?

The Oldest And Perhaps Rarest Lacrosse Stick In England?

Jason Perrin |

I'll be surprised if there is a lacrosse stick anywhere in England older than this one. Had I have said Europe then I'd be wrong, as the oldest known lacrosse stick is actually the "Beltrami stick". It is currently in the Bergamo museum in Italy, but it was originally from the Ojibwe communities of the Red Lake, Minnesota area! The earliest illustration of a lacrosse stick dates back to 1790, when Italian explorer Count Paolo Andreani, who was travelling in what is now upstate New York, sketched a lacrosse stick in his journal.

It can be tough to put an exact age on early lacrosse sticks but based off photos and illustrations I'd put this stick anywhere between 1850 and 1870. The fact that sticks like this have survived to this day is pretty remarkable given the nature of the sport and the materials that make up the stick.