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The Vintage Vault Is Back

The Vintage Vault Is Back

Jason Perrin |

Now that the 2022/23 lacrosse season here in the UK is coming to an end and we have more time to produce some content for our various social media platforms we felt it was time to open up the Vintage Vault. No kidding, that's me with the actual vault!

If you're not familiar with the Vintage Vault let you give you a quick run through. We must have one of the largest collections of lacrosse memorabilia in the world and we feature a variety of pieces on our YouTube channel, looking at how lacrosse equipment has developed our the years. The series brings back fond memories for those of us who used that old equipment back in the day and is a reminder of how spoilt for choice we are today. 

There has definitely been periods where companies raced to bring new ideas and products to the market, not always will the success they had hoped for. Not only were some products a flop in terms of design but there was some gear that had some strange names and some that had very questionable marketing.

The Vintage Vault features some really interesting history on the development of the lacrosse stick and also how it was not not only the big name brands trying to push the game forward but also some independent companies trying to bring new ideas to the market.



Those customers who visit our store in Mossley are always amazed by some of the items we have on display, there is so much rare memorabilia around the shop but the office is more like stepping in to a museum. Free admission, all welcome. No UK lacrosse store is as passionate about lacrosse as Northern Soul.