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Top 5 Men's Lacrosse Attack Heads 2022

Top 5 Men's Lacrosse Attack Heads 2022

Jason Perrin |

Never before have we had such a wide choice of lacrosse heads on the market, lacrosse equipment manufactures really are spoiling us with some outstanding options. Trying to pick just 5 heads was always going to be tough but here it is in no particular order.

To kick this off I'm going hit you with somewhat of a surprise head, the Gait Icon. Featuring a narrow profile that increases ball retention and control, the Gait Icon is fast becoming a popular head for field attackers and Box players. Great build quality from Gait here and I think the face shape really will be enjoyed by those attack players who want that tight profile. This head kind of bucks the trend that you see on a head series. Back in the day when Gait 1.0 (you know what I mean) first brought us the Icon,  it was a lower end head and by no means pitched at elite players, it's gone from being a really vanilla head to damn damn awesome with the new Gait line. The Icon gets the thumbs up from all the crew here at Northern Soul.

Now although it's been out for a couple of years now we really have to mention the Stringking Mark 2AThe StringKing Mark 2A really is perfect for any attackman, both light and stiff giving you faster hands, powerful shots and the accuracy necessary to sting corners. This head also has a larger offset and a slightly flatter scoop giving you a quicker and more accurate release. Engineered with a lower side profile and slightly pinched face shape gives you unmated control while cradling vertically. With 29 stringing holes the 2A gives you ultimate freedom with whatever pocket is perfect for you. 

A personal favorite has to be the STX Surgeon 900, easily the best of the Surgeon heads to be released by STX. Tough yet super lightweight and one of the best scoops you'll find on an attack stick. Although it only has 17 stringing holes it still makes for a very customizable head when it comes to stringing. It's been a hot seller ever since it's release.

No matter what kind of attack player you are, driving dodger, feeding visionary or illusive finisher, the Maverik Optik 3.0 has to be in the mix. We were lucky enough to see this head well ahead of it's introduction to the market and the YouTube video we did to review this head is super informative. Maverik got so many things right with this head!

The Epoch Z One has dominated the PLL in the hands of Matt Rambo, who won the League MVP, Championship MVP and PLL Championship. It was also used to win the PLL All-Star weekend fastest shot contest. It's the perfect head for players looking for a narrow face shape, featherweight, and clean design. We are big fans of the knot-lock technology, the sidewall strings will stay secure providing a consistent feel in the pocket. From a personal perspective I'd love it more if it was a stiffer head, saying that it's still a solid option.

Now if your familiar with the Nike Lakota 3 then it will come as no surprise that it makes the cut here as an attack head. Those who read our blog on the top 5 midfield heads will have seen the Nike Lakota 3 there too. Why? Because it's just a great head. To be far there could have been any one of 3 or 4 midfield heads heads force their way in to this top 5 but the Lakota 3 just pipped them to the post.