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Weirdest Lacrosse Heads

Weirdest Lacrosse Heads

Jason Perrin |

With some many heads of the market these days it's safe to say that you guys are spoilt for choice, you really do have a crazy number of heads to pick from no matter what position you play. The R&D along with the use of the latest materials combined have given us some amazing well built heads. 

Having said that...there has definitely been some stinkers over the years if terms of performance but also some heads than that had a real strange look and odd features that back at the time we thought were great ideas. Those of you that follow our YouTube page might have watched a few of other Vintage Vault videos, it's always fun to dig through the old heads but some of them make us question what of earth the designers were thinking back then.

The funny thing is that some of the odd looking heads that did not take off when they released have actually become collectors items. Two of the strangest looking STX lacrosse heads have to be the Liquid and the Arrow.

Another design that flopped was "rubber fingers" replacing sidewall holes. Yes, you read that correctly. Weirdly wacky, the Brine Prophecy is a fun head to have in our collection of vintage plastic but not something I remember being very popular at the time it released.

There will always be heads that hit the shelves that the major brands say are the latest and greatest, only time will tell but I bet there a few that will end up in our vintage vault.