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Custom ECD Infinity Pro Elite Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick

Custom ECD Infinity Pro Elite Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick

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Infinity PRO ELITE Setup

From the Infinity Pro shaft to the Infinity Pro head, this setup was built to be light, fast, and consistent. How light? Lightest stick we’ve ever made light. How fast? The guy shooting highlights can’t keep up fast. How consistent? Any day, any weather, never think twice about your stick consistent.

The Infinity Pro head features our patent pending Diamond plastic, providing a decrease in weight and improved stability across temperatures. The Infinity Pro shaft uses advanced carbon fiber materials and manufacturing techniques to provide unmatched feel and control. Finally, the Venom Pro pocket has been upgraded to provide additional control and maximized performance. Welcome to the future.

This is for the new generation of players. For the tough, the fierce, and the fearless. For the players pushing creativity and making jaws drop all along the way.This new breed of player deserves a stick that can keep up with their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we have spent the past two years developing the Infinity ELITE Setup.

Featuring the Infinity head, a Venom Mesh Runner, and the Infinity carbon fiber shaft, this ELITE Setup gives players the power, control, and finesse they need to change the game.


The Infinity head features an aggressive lightweight design, a full offset, and a perfect launch angle giving you control and power like you have never felt. The Infinity was built for you to change the game.


The ECD Infinity Pro women's lacrosse shaft is the perfect answer to always being able to feel the ball in the pocket of your stick. The ECD Infinity Pro features lightweight, advanced carbon fiber design, with a soft-touch coating and a subtle section of raised texture. The Kick Point adds increased snap on all your shots and passes so you have a serious upgrade to your game.


High-quality Carbon Fiber

Soft-Touch Finish

Natural Shape

Smooth Taper

Sleek, Clean Design

Tech Specs:


Uniform Kick Point

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