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Armor Mesh Valkyrie Women's Runner

Armor Mesh Valkyrie Women's Runner

Jason Perrin |

In recent years women's lacrosse has seen a great deal of change in terms of stick and pocket tech. Back in January we visited the US Lacrosse Convention and one of the most exciting women's products we saw was the Valkyrie runner produced by Armor Mesh.


What makes Valkyrie so good? Well, the Un-Fixed joints of our Valkyrie Runner, offer more feel of the ball, with less resistance points, as the joints flow simultaneously to help maintain control when cradling and catching. Isolating the ball in the sweet spot, Valkyrie supports it from all angles which allows for some serious hold on the ball while still allowing for a smooth release.

As with all new stringing products, the more you string it then the better you get at knowing just how to string that type of pocket. Not one person has failed to be impressed with this style of pocket so far. Having spoken to a number of stringers about Valkyrie, everyone is in agreement that it's actually very easy to string. 



Make no mistake, Armor Mesh has a great product here and many of the stringing community share our opinion that the Valkyrie runner is the real deal. Although you'll only see a few sticks on UK lacrosse fields at this point strung with this pocket, in time they'll be matter more as players get wise to the benefits the Valkyrie has to offer.