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Nike Lunar Select - the best kept secret?

Nike Lunar Select - the best kept secret?

Jason Perrin |

There's always a piece of equipment that slips under the radar every season. Although Nike is without doubt the biggest name in sporting goods it seems that Nike does not market their lacrosse equipment that well.

The Nike Lunar Select might well be the most bang for your buck you'll find when looking for a new girls lacrosse stick. Although it's not on par with many of the elite level sticks in todays market, the Lunar Select wicks all the boxes for players looking for a well strung and fairly priced mid range stick. 

Not every player or parent wants to drop mega money on a lacrosse stick but what they do want is a great piece of equipment that's going to last more than a season. The Lunar Select has perhaps the best off the shelf pockets in the mid range women's sticks, providing players a softer catch and greater control of the ball. What's a little surprising is that you also get a really nice composite handle as standard, this makes the Lunar Select our top pick of intermediate women's lacrosse sticks. It's a thumbs up from the Northern Soul crew.