Gait Lacrosse Women's Sticks - Everything you need to know

Gait Lacrosse Women's Sticks - Everything you need to know

Unless you've had your head in the sand for the past couple of years then you'll know that Gait have quickly become the hottest name in women's lacrosse equipment. Something you can't help but notice is that Gait really have focused on the elite level sticks, unlike other brands they do not offer entry or intermediate level sticks. 

What stick should you consider if looking at the Gait line of women's sticks? Well, it depends on your position but also your playing style. If you are the type of player like likes to get their hands free and bring the heat to the corners on the net then take a good look at the Apex and the Whip. We honestly believe these to be the top 2 sticks on the market currently and you'll struggle to find many players that dislike them. If you were paying close attention to the 2022 Women's World Championship then you will have noticed the insane number of Gait sticks being used by International athletes.

Where better to start then the Gait Apex, it's been a best seller with us here at Northern Soul since the day it released. The Apex is hugely popular with players at both ends of the field, its revolutionary mid-pocket design provides unmatched performance in terms of ball retention, allowing for precision and accuracy with every pass and shot. Strung with Flex Mesh the Apex provides unmatched pocket shift for control in every part of the head. Featuring the ultimate scoop design for accuracy and ground ball pickups, you'll see this stick in the hands of a vast number of elite level players in every lacrosse playing country in the world. 

Although the Apex is the most popular model in the Gait line of women's sticks, the Gait Whip is favored by some of the leading offensive players in todays game including Charlotte North of team USA. Providing incredible feel and maximum power ticks for box for most attackers, then combine the Whips stiffness along with a scoop that just gobbles up ground balls all day long and you have have one of the top sticks in the game.

By no means is it a negative but for some players upgrading from a lower level stick or players who might have tighter stick work that want a quicker release you might find both the Apex and Whip a little too "whippy". Both the Apex and Whip can generate power when shooting for players that get a little time and room to wind up. Players wanting that quick release might well favor the Air 2.

Designed alongside Northwestern Superstar Izzy Scane, the Air 2 has the quickest release among Gait women's sticks which has made is popular with players of all positions but especially attackers who want rapid feeding ability and a lightening fast release for quick finishing around the crease. One feature you'll notice is that the Air 2 has a slightly tighter face shape. Everything you loved about the original Gait Air is still there but improved upon, one thing we love is the mid stringing hole design for added pocket depth and increased hold on the ball.

Draw taking midfielders really need to pay attention to the Gait Draw M. Why? For the simple reason that there is no head better designed to dominate the draw. The original Gait Draw had some great features that helped to give you an edge before the whistle had even been blown by the umpire, strangely it saw 3 different types of stock pocket during its time as the number 1 draw stick in the game. The Draw M is massively popular with players in North America who have specialized the center position in women's lacrosse to the point where sponsored teams with use a Gait Draw M over the sticks provided by their high profile sponsors.

There is more choice now then ever before when you select your newest stick, doing a little research will pay off. Remember it's the wizard not the wand. Although if you own a low level wand it might be holding you back from creating real magic. 

One thing's for sure, the UK Lacrosse community has taken to Gait with open arms.

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