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ECD Ion Lacrosse Head Review

ECD Ion Lacrosse Head Review

Jason Perrin |

There is always lots of excitement about new products from East Coast Dyes. The ECD fans have been eagerly awaiting this drop. 

It's about how it performs right?

If it was about how it looks then you'd have to agree that the new ECD Ion is one bad ass looking head, it's going to stand out on any lacrosse field. The patent pending Diamond Plastic used by ECD looks awesome in the clear model and the frost blue although not as keen the midnight colour but it's well worth noting that this plastic also has an extremely low density allowing this to be lightest head ever produced by the guys at ECD.

ECD Ion Lacrosse Head

The overall design of the Ion had speed in mind, it's the most aerodynamic head in ECD line allowing your stick to cut through the air like you wouldn’t believe. The Ion is going to be hugely popular with attackmen this year with its tight face shape and its speed focused design.