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Our Pick Of The Best Lacrosse Goalie Heads

Our Pick Of The Best Lacrosse Goalie Heads

Jason Perrin |

Lacrosse goalies need a head that is consistent, reliable, and durable throughout the duration of the season. Until recently, goalies didn't have many heads to pick from, it was slim pickings when buying a new head. 

ECD Lacrosse Impact Goalie Head with Semi Soft Impact MeshSince its release the ECD Impact has proven to be a serious contender among elite goalkeepers. ECD combined their new, light and stiff SL-105 plastic with an optimized face shape and ergonomic throat design which has definitely ticked a few boxes with many goalies. Engineered to provide strength and stiffness when facing the hardest shots, this scoop is built to hold firm save after save. As with all of ECD's heads, the Impact is very stringable but if stringing is not your thing, then it's defiantly worth noting that the Impact has the best factory strung goalie pocket ever seen!

STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Strung Goalie Head

Take a look around the lacrosse fields across the world and there is a goalie head is a head you'll see being used by a huge number of goalies, the Eclipse 2. Following the success of the original Eclipse, the Eclipse 2 is an upgrade to what many goalies would say was a near-perfect design. An improved throat that gave players a more comfortable and secure grip. STX also doubled the number of stringing holes for increased stringing customization, its stiffness was also a key selling point, even during those hot summer tournaments. At 11.6 oz the Eclipse 2 is still the number 1 head for most goalies. Will there be an Eclipse 3? 100% yes but it will not be available for some time yet, although I'd be surprised if STX leave it too long as every other brand seems to be releasing a goalie head this season. 

StringKing Mark 2G Goalie Lacrosse Head Strung

For those looking for lightness, the Stringking 2G comes in at only 10.9oz which makes it one of the lightest options. Eliminating unnecessary weight gives you a lighter goalie head and faster hands to make more saves. How's does it string? Any way you want it is the answer, as with every Stringking head you'll find more stringing holes then you thought possible. For nearly every goalie it's important to get your top hand as high as possible, the 2G head features a shortened low-profile throat. 

Look out for 2 contenders hitting shelves soon, the Gait Command goalie head will be dropping before we know it and True Temper are also releasing the Radar. We recently had a pre release sample of the Radar and everyone here at Northern Soul have given it the thumbs so far. At no other time have there been so many great goalie heads on the market, you goalies might start having the same problem everyone else has, what head to buy next?