Merry Laxmas

Lacrosse Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for some small Christmas gifts for a lacrosse player? Here's our pick of items that any lax player would be pleased to receive this Christmas.

Stocking Fillers

1) Sisu 3D mouthguard - any player using anything other than a Sisu mouthguard might as well have a hockey puck in their mouth. Sisu mouthguards make for easy, effortless fitting! Known for their unmatched protection, comfort, cleanliness, and remold ability. Though it might not seem possible, Sisu made an even better mouthguard! Pre-formed guard for an effortless, fast, fit and go shape. Variable material thickness to put protection where it is needed, and comfort where it is desired. The best thing about Sisu mouthguards in that they allow to be able to talk, breath and drink effortlessly.

2) Balls - you can never have enough lacrosse balls! 

3) Tape - always handy to have a few rolls of stick tape in your gear bag.

4) Butt Ends - handy to have one or 2 spares in your equipment bag

5) Socks - if you've going to buy a lacrosse player socks this Christmas then you can't go wrong with lacrosse socks.

Small Gifts

1) T-Shirt - we have a great selection of t-shirts on our website. You might find it difficult to pick just one.

2) Hoodie - you can't beat a good hoodie and every lax player should own one Northern Soul designed hoodie.

3) Sweat Pants - ideal for those cold days at practice or those lazy days on the sofa.

4) Hats - every lacrosse loves a good hat.

5) Stringing Kit - No player is every going to turn their nose up at a new stringing kit. The trick is to buy the right one!



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