Lacrosse Handles - Is Lighter Better?

Lacrosse Handles - Is Lighter Better?

It's kinda funny hearing players say that a handle is not light enough. How light do you really need a handle to be? The thing people seem to forget is that by going lighter you are more often than not sacrificing strength. 

There's defiantly Pro's and Con's to both lightweight and heavyweight lacrosse handles but you should really consider what sort of player you are and how you use your stick. 

Let's say you play D middie or you're a big ground ball guy, buying the latest super light handle is not the smartest move so don't be surprised if you are snapping handles like this. Go for something built to withstand checks and able to dish them out too. We love the fact Stringking offer the Metal 3 and the Composite Pro 2 in heavier weights, handles made for players that have don't have noodle arms. 

The STX Sc-Ti O, R and X handles have been popular lightweight handles but if you want something a little beefier then look at the Sc-Ti X + model with double wall thickness for added durability.


Personally, I play attack and really like carbon handles. I use a lightweight carbon handle and have done more around 10 years. Currently I use the True Smoke, True Temper handles have done me well over the past decade, I love the feel and lightness, but I am not playing much D and have pretty good stick protection so don't take that many checks.

There's plenty of great handle options on the market that suit every type of player. The trick is to find the one that suits your style of play.

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