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How To Size Lacrosse Gloves

How To Size Lacrosse Gloves

Jason Perrin |

Whether you are a parent buying your child's first pair of lacrosse gloves or you are just picking the game up as an adult, sizing a pair of lacrosse gloves if you are unable to visit a lacrosse store can be a little tricky.

I've lost count of the number of times our staff has called a customer having them ordered the wrong size gloves online. It's not an uncommon mistake so we hope that this blog will guide you in the right direction when buying your first pair of lacrosse gloves.

XS (8") 6" 5-7 50 lbs Under 46"
SM (10") 6.5" 8-10 50-70lbs 46-54"
MD (12") 7" 11+ 80-120lbs 54-58"
LG (13") 7.5" 14+ 130-180lbs 60-65"
XL (14") 7.75"+ 16+ 190 lbs + 66" +



Most adults will wear 13" sized gloves, as an adult you'd have to have quite small hands to need a 12". One thing we have seen over the years is that gloves are definitely a little more snug in order for players to have a better feel for their stick and therefor superior ball control.   

If you are buying gloves for a child remember that you want the gloves to fit. Although a little growing room is ok, you risk youth players not being able to feel the stick and hampering the growth of their basic throwing and catching skills.

It cannot go unnoticed that lacrosse gloves range in price massively. What's the reason for the price difference? Increased protection and mobility are the main differences you will see.

Entry level

Entry level gloves such as the STX Stallion 75 are really geared towards younger aged youth players who are picking up the game. Even at U14 level we'd suggest looking at a higher level of protection.

Intermediate level

Something to be aware of is that the lower end entry level gloves might be ok at youth level but if you are have picked up the game for the first time a little later in life then it is well worth investing a little more in your gloves. Here in the UK many players get introduced to lacrosse at University but once they start playing may find they are matched up against players with years of youth lacrosse experience playing at club level. Remember those entry level gloves are not designed with adult lacrosse in mind and you will feel way more of those checks than you should do. Although for some players the gloves such as the STX Stallion 200 or Maverik MX tick the box in terms of price point, you might want to consider going for what is best described as a high end intermediate option such as the Nike Vapor or STX Stallion LTZ which not only provide high levels of protection and great range of motion but they also look great!

Advanced level

There are so many great gloves on the market and even more releasing over the coming months. Keep an eye on our YouTube for upcoming reviews, one thing that we see more and more is that gloves are becoming a little closer fitting than in years past. The 2022/23 season will see the release of the new Maverik Max which we thought were an excellent pair of gloves but we found that most staff here at the store felt more comfortable in the 14" and yet nobody really has huge hands! 

As always, if you need some help when it comes to sizing or advice on the level of protection then drop our staff a call or send us an email to