A Parents Guide To Buying A Girl's Lacrosse Stick

A Parents Guide To Buying A Girl's Lacrosse Stick

With such a wide choice of sticks on the market, it can be a little daunting buying a lacrosse stick. We hope that this simple buying guide can make this a little easier for parents.

Entry Level Sticks 

STX offer 2 great options in the way of entry level sticks that are ideal for those heading to a lacrosse playing secondary school. The STX Crux 100 and the STX Exult 200, both these models are hot sellers at the start of the academic year.

STX market the Crux 100 as an entry level attack stick, it worth noting that it's suitable for any position on the field. One feature we think makes the Crux 100 a great entry level stick is that throat design, being a deeper area of the head itself means that players who have not yet mastered cradling find it a little easier to hold the ball. 

STX Crux 100 Girls Lacrosse Stick

The STX Exult 200 complete women's lacrosse stick is not only a great option for youth players but also those picking up the game for the first time at University on a budget. With a flatter scoop the STX Exult 200 makes it nice and easy for beginners to scoop up those ground balls.

STX Exult 200 Girl's Lacrosse Stick


One thing I'd say when buying your first stick is buy right or buy twice. Consider upgrading to a lower end Intermediate stick, entry level sticks are pretty basic and although they do provide you a piece of equipment that will help you get in to the game of lacrosse there's definitely an argument for spending a little more and getting a stick that will last you a little longer.

Entry Level to Intermediate Sticks

One of our best sellers here at Northern Soul has to be the STX Exult 400, with a full mesh pocket and designed after the Exult 600 stick, the Exult 400 is designed especially for midfielders. It is pretty stiff and has reinforced corner ledges that help grab onto the ball during draws. The Exult 400 allow also has a 7075 handle which is lightweight, strong and provides great grip. A super stick for the money and a stick that without doubt will help accelerate the skills of a newer player.

Another great option is the STX Crux 400 with Crux Pro mesh, the stock option with a Runway pocket is a solid seller but we offer custom strung Crux 400 with Crux Pro mesh pockets which has been hugely popular. Inspired by the Crux 600,  with signature Crux face shape it offers a tight pinch that transitions into a wide catching area. Pointed scoop for accurate shots, passes and features a minimum sidewall height allowing for the deepest legal pocket and increased ball retention. Worth noting that soon the Crux 400 will be available with the popular Crux 2.0 pocket.


One of our best selling products here at Northern Soul has to be the Stringking Legend W. Available with 2 different handle options of the Metal 2 or the Composite handle, the Legend W has been hugely popular as it offers incredible value for money and longevity for players. 

The women's Legend W complete lacrosse stick is designed to be the ultimate in consistency. The stiff construction, expertly strung women's lacrosse mesh pocket, and quality components deliver superior performance every time you pick up your lacrosse stick.


Whatever stick you choose to buy remember, it's the magician not the wand. Having said that, if your stick is a bit naff and you rarely practice you'll create low level magic.



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