Maverik Shift Lacrosse Speed and Shoulder Pads Review

Maverik Shift Lacrosse Speed and Shoulder Pads Review

With more shoulder pads on the market than ever before it's worth doing your research before you pull the trigger on a new pair. As with most things in life you get what you pay for when it comes to lacrosse equipment, so avoid skimping and going with the cheapest options as you'll only end up regretting it further down the line.

Most brands high end shoulder protection lines tend to offer a "liner" and a full shoulder pad option as seen with the Maverik Shift. The shift do offer somethings rarely seen in shoulder protection, the wearer is able to customize them to strip back the padding to a more minimal look and feel. 


Here's what Maverik have to say:

External Kardiac Guard (EKG) meets the new NOCSAE performance standard ND200 to help address commotio cordis.

Our traditional fit is designed to provide comfort and mobility.

The adjustable ComfortFit arch allows players to personalized fit, coverage, and drape.

Quickdry wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry.

Anaform chest and spine plates are designed to manage high velocity impacts.

DuraStretch panels across the torso allow pads to move with the body.


Another interesting feature is that the Shift EKG plate has been updated with a 4 point deflection system which improves ball deflection. So rather just taking the impact of a ball it will redirect it, a very different take  from other brands shoulder and chest protection.

Overall we've been very impressed by Maverik's protective lines and the we feel the Shift are really raising the bar. The odd thing is that we'd expect to see the Shift name to also have a range of arm protection and gloves, perhaps that's something we might see next season?

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