Our Pick of Top 5 Men's Lacrosse Arm Guards

Our Pick of Top 5 Men's Lacrosse Arm Guards

Arm guards are typically worn by attackers who want for coverage to protect themselves from the physicality of life around the crease and checks raining down from defense players. It's safe to say that attackmen receive more checks than midfielders so buying the right guards is going to keep you well protected on the field.

1) There was little doubt what guards would take the top spot. The STX Stallion 900 not only provide excellent coverage and unrivaled maneuverability. The HD2 foam makes them very lightweight without skimping on protection, you'll feel next to nothing when being checked wearing these guards and you'll struggle to find a guard as long as these. The flexible three-piece pad design really does provide maximum mobility and coverage.

Ok, so they are definitely one of the most expensive arm guards on the market but I'd challenge anyone to dislike these and show me a more comfortable arm guard. I wore the Stallion 500 guards which I swore were the best on the market until the upgraded Stallion 900, fact is I want to say place the Stallion 500 at the number 2 spot in this blog but as they are now phased out I'll just tell you how awesome the 900's are. Available in a range of colours plus the added bonus of being in 3 sizes including XL.

2) You can't have a top 5 list of arm guards and not see the STX Cell 5 in a top 3 spot. The Cell line has always been super popular over the years and each version has got better and better, if they bring out a Cell 6 line then you know they'll be a hot seller straight away. The STX Cell 5 Lacrosse Arm Guards offer  elite level protection and comfort with a full range of motion for athletes. With strategic cushioning, reinforced impact zones and flexible fabric, you can rely on this trusted on-field protection to give you everything you need. The Dual 360+ Strap system ensures customized fit and prevents annoying pad slippage during play.

STX Cell 5 Arm Guards

3) Our third choice might surprise you. We love the True Temper Zerolyte arm guards, awesome coverage and lightweight but very protective. When you put them alongside other guards at first look they appear a little bulky but once you try them on that worry disappears. Make no mistake these guards are super comfortable. Only available in white might put some people off but still a great guard despite the lack of colours.

True Temper Zerolyte Lacrosse Arm Guards

4) The Maverik Max Arm Guards have proven to be popular with more advanced attackman wanting a lightweight design that that offers excellent protection without the bulk. There's plenty of vents in these pads, so the sweatiest of dudes can stay cool. The soft sleeve padding provides additional coverage to critical zones on the arm interior and helps make these super comfy for unrestricted range of motion.

The one thing that I personally don't like so much is that these are on the short side considering they are arm guards. Available in white, grey and black and comes in medium, large and XL for you gym rats.

Maverik Max Lacrosse Arm Guard

5) A recent addition to the market, the Nike Vapor Select Lacrosse Arm Guards, offering superior protection, light weight and excellent coverage. Its innovative design has been rigorously tested for comfort and durability, making it the ideal choice for the most demanding athletes who want a longer style of arm guard. You'll see a number of players wearing these in the NCAA this year. 

Nike Vapor Select Arm Guards


We really hope that we are able to provide you with enough information in advance of purchasing a new pair of arm guards. Should you need more help then feel free to reach out on info@northernsoulsportswear.com 


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