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New Trad Tech Women's Pocket By Stringking

New Trad Tech Women's Pocket By Stringking

Jason Perrin |

If you're familiar with Stringking then you'll know as well as we do that they make some outstanding lacrosse equipment for both the men's and women's game. Their latest offering is a pocket upgrade for their ever popular women's lacrosse sticks, the Trad Tech pocket.

Those of you with your finger on the pulse will know that pockets in the ladies game are changing all the time as brands put more R&D in to the products and more importantly are offering pockets in their sticks that are well strung. It may seem obvious to some people reading this but you'd be shocked at just how bad an off the shelf stick was strung just a few years ago.

Experience dynamic control and explosive force with this new pocket. The Tech Trad pocket is weather-resistant to ensure optimal performance in any condition.

Faster shots.

More Hold.



Consistency is King.