Restringing Your Lacrosse Stick

Restringing Your Lacrosse Stick

A customer recently asked a great question.

"How often should I get my lacrosse stick restrung?"

To which I replied...

"How long is a piece of string?"

It really does depend on how often you use your stick and the sort of conditions you use it in. One thing is for sure, sticks need to be maintained as you can't expect a pocket to last forever. I'd almost compare the pocket of lacrosse stick to the tires on a car for 3 reasons.

1) I do a lot of driving and buy new tires more than most people. Use your stick a lot then you should be looking at replacing the pocket a couple of times over the year.

2) Avoid being cheap tires, as the only things in contact with the road then I want to have confidence that they will do the job. Your pocket is the only thing directly in contact with the ball which makes it the most important part of your stick.

3) I'd only ever buy tires from a repeatable company, not some dude who has a couple of tires for sale that might fit my car. Getting a teammate to string your stick who has limited stringing experience could cost you dearly given some of the pockets we've seen out there.


The photo below was from a customer playing on a national squad who had a stick "restrung" by a teammates boyfriend. Unbelievable that she'd managed to use this at all, one of the worst women's pockets I've seen to date. Zoom in on the photo, it's awful.

Terrible women's lacrosse pocket strung by some random dude.

As I was writing this blog I thought I'd jump on one of the lacrosse stringing pages on Facebook and came across this horror. The worst thing is the guy who strung this pocket is probably charging players to string. 

Weird way to string sidewalls 101


Now we all started somewhere. Yes myself and every other person who has ever strung a head has done their fair share of bad pockets before perfecting the art of stringing, in fact you never really stop learning new techniques. Understanding how your pocket works and learning to string is something we'd encourage players to do but not everyone has the desire or patience to learn.

If you need a restring then you know where we are. There's no need to post a ton of photos here on this blog as our website is jam packed full of well strung sticks that show what we can do. Don't settle for some garbage pocket your buddy wants to string in your stick, you deserve better than that. 

For restring enquires email us at

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