The Biggest Product Drop Of 2023?

The Biggest Product Drop Of 2023?

It might only be July but there has been plenty of new products release so far this year but there is one piece of lacrosse equipment which will be difficult for retailers to keep in stock. Ever since the original STX Eclipse hit the field well over 2 decades ago, goalies across the lacrosse playing world trusted it as their weapon of choice. The Eclipse 2 was a major upgrade and soon became the games best selling goalie head but there is always room for improvement in product design.

The STX Eclipse 3 is the stiffest goal head to hit the market, STX claim it's 30% stiffer than the Eclipse 2. The main area of the head that we really notice this added stiffness is the top section of the head where historically you see foldback of the plastic on those higher speed shots at elite levels of play. A stiffer head is going to lead to more shots stopped.

Another area of improvement is the scoop, when compared to it's predecessor, you'll notice that the Speed Scoop™ is going to allow for tighter angles on those ground balls in and around the crease.

One of the most noticeable differences has to be the new throat design which is vastly different in appearance but more importantly it's feel. The ergonomic throat design provides a secure grip and is bound to be a hit with goalies.


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