Christmas in July? 4th July Product Drops

Christmas in July? 4th July Product Drops

This 4th July didn't just mark Independence Day but also the biggest day of new products dropped in to the lacrosse equipment market so far. The fact that now 3 major brands us the 4th as a opportunity to launch new lacrosse gear shows that competition is stiff and the companies can't be seen to fall behind in offering the latest, greatest gear to players.

Historically Maverik have used the date as a major head release and this year was no different with the new Kinetik 3.0 hitting retailers shelves. No major changes but subtle tweaks which do give an improved product that is stiffer and stronger with a slightly shorter throat and tighter face shape. The hardcore Kinetik users will not be disappointed with the third edition of what has been a successful head for outside shooters looking to rip twine.

ECD always like to hit us with limited edition USA themed products and boy they hit us hard this year with new colours of the popular ECD ION heads, the latest USA Hero 3.0 mesh and maybe the coolest looking handle yet in the USA MTX.

Limited edition 4th July lacrosse products from ECD


The big thing this year was STX hitting us some serious goalie love with not one but 3 new products in the Eclipse 3, 11 Diamond Eclipse mesh and RZR 2 goalie gloves. Make no mistakes, the new Eclipse 3 is going make waves as it has some outstanding features on what was the go to head for a majority of lacrosse goalies. Keep your eyes peeled on our YouTube channel for the upcoming reviews.

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