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New Maverik Kinetik 3.0 Review

New Maverik Kinetik 3.0 Review

Jason Perrin |

When Maverik first released the original Kinetik it was an instant hit with midfielders who like a high pocket to bring high heat when they shoot.

Well, this 4th July sees the release of the Kinetik 3.0 which feels like a better build quality it terms of stiffness and robustness. The shorter throat will be popular with offensive players that want that top hand higher when cradling giving better control of the ball. With 20 sidewall holes you have plenty of string options available to you.

Side profile of the new Maverik Kinetik 3.0 in Hyperlite Blue

Overall it don't seem like there are any major changes in terms of shape or offset of the Kinetik 3.0 from its previous models but it just feels like a better version all round being stronger and stiff. It's like the Kinetik 2.0 hit the gym hard and came back ready to work harder for the coming season.