Gait D "Can Opener" and Gait D 2 Head Reviews

Gait D "Can Opener" and Gait D 2 Head Reviews

Why's it got to be all about offense?

Because offense sells tickets....yet defense wins championships. 

January 2022 saw Gait Lacrosse release the Gait D or better known as the "Can Opener", a head build to disrupt and dislodge the ball from attackmen's sticks. Sadly after a year of it being hugely popular and exceedingly effective that it was banned for use for youth, high school and college level lacrosse in the US. Well their loss is our gain as the rest of the lacrosse playing world can still use it and use it we will, it's awesome. 

Gait tried to revisit parts of the design and try again to gain approval for mainstream use in the US market with the Gait D 2 but once again were knocked back by the rules committee. It seemed that those in control of the game are happy to see defenders kept at a disadvantage but again it's a stick that will be a huge hit with the international market not held back by some of the US equipment rulings.

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