Lacrosse Dye Tutorial

Lacrosse Dye Tutorial

I dyed my first lacrosse head about 26 years ago. Tutorials were thin on the ground back then and trying to find the same RIT dye that the tutorials on used was near impossible, which for your info was THE lacrosse website and way ahead of it's time thanks to a gentleman named John Weaver. Oh man, the hours and hours I'd spend on the e-lacrosse site each week while I was in my 20's was crazy, it really was the very best resource for any up and coming laxrat.

So I tried a few dyes on old heads, some were cool and some not so cool. My colour pallet was limited to say the least as the dyes in stores here in the UK just didn't cut it, don't waste your money buying Dylon. I remember playing my very first lacrosse game at 14 years old and spend half the game looking at my attackman's stick with it's cool S.G.S (Stockport Grammer School) dye, I even asked the kid "did you paint it?". It's safe to say I've always liked dyed heads, they give you stick a unique look and let's a player express their personality.

So in 2016 LaxDip came up with the idea of a dye competition and I thought well why not. Being the first year not too many people entered and I got beat in the final. The following year I entered again what was now known as the Dyers Cup and I've entered in every year since. There's some super talent dyers out there and you should definitely follow the competition on Instagram.

So how do these guys get so good? Well mostly trial and error because there's still, all these years later, a shortage of good tutorials for those people how want to give it a go. I thought it was about time I dropped a few knowledge bombs.

I really hope this video and the others that will follow are of help to you guys and love forward to seeing your creations.

When we first set up Northern Soul we aimed to set ourselves apart from the other UK lacrosse companies, being the only company outside the USA offering professional lacrosse dyes really gave us the edge in next to no time. 

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