More sticks than an episode of Hey Duggee

Stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick...........but which one should you buy?

So in recent years women's lacrosse has seen a plethora of sticks hit the market. Is that a good or a bad thing? Well, it's both.

So in 2019 World Lacrosse agreed the rule changes to stick dimensions, the new set of stick specifications also allow for the use of mesh pockets. This follows the decision made by World Lacrosse to change the specifications a stick head must meet to be deemed legal for play at World Lacrosse events. So in short, all the awesome products girls have used in the North America the past few years are now legal to use at all levels of play. Hooray!

So with most Countries implementing the rule change in January 2020 retailers such as ourselves expected to see a huge number of sales at level of lacrosse from youth to International players. Sticks were flying out of the door at our store......then Covd-19 hit the World.

Now we thought Covid-19 halting sport across the UK and most of Europe would really crush our sales, fortunately that was not the case. Ladies have been very keen to get a new stick and those who have made the upgrade are amazed just how much better these sticks are in every area of handling the ball. Having said that there are still heaps of players out there yet to buy a new spec stick.

So here's the thing. With so many sticks now available, how do you pick the right stick and then what kind of pocket? For most players it can be a little overwhelming to say the least. For parents new to lacrosse, well you can double that confusion.

We are always here to help you. Knowing a players position and the length of timing playing lacrosse is always a good starting point. There more position specific sticks available then every before so it does help narrow it down a little. Giving us an idea of budget will also be helpful in pointing you towards a new stick.

There are times people ask what the best stick on the market is? Now that is a tough question to answer, sticks and pocket styles are a very personal choice and there's currently not a one stick fits all model despite what some people might try and tell you.

It's worth doing a little research. We've tried to provide customers with more women's lacrosse stick reviews on our YouTube channel Northern Soul Sportswear - YouTube which you'll find a great starting point but don't just take our word for it, ask around and see what other reviews say and ask your coaches and teammates for suggestions.


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