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Kinetik 2.0 Head Review

Northern Soul |

Maverik Kinetik 2.0 Lacrosse Head

The Maverik Kinetick is back and better than ever the original Kinetik was released in 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular heads around. when the head started to preview on Instagram and with some pros it didn't look like much had changed.

Coming in at £89.99 unstrung the head is available in White, Black, Grey and Hyperlite Blue. The most popular selling point of the OG Kinetik was the face shape which has not changed in the new update. Designed for the more offensive minded player the narrow face shape helps with ball retention and keeping the channel tight. The side wall design has also not been changed drastically and the finish has been refined with a more rounded finish rather than hard cut lines.

One of the noticeable thing that has been changed is the scoop, in the Kinetick 2.0 the scoop has been beefed up and made more rounded which makes ground balls easier compared to the previous model, which had a tendency to dig into the ground because of the thin scoop and hard cut finish.

A nice improvement for the stringers out there is the stringing lock system which while it worked well on the original it could be a little awkward to get the mesh to sit the same on both sides of the head. The sidewall holes were also updated with the addition of a couple more holes and making the top stringing holes larger, making it easier to get the string through when wrapping the string through the same hole multiple times.

One of the unseen changes to the Kinetik 2.0 is a subtle change in the plastic. Using Duratough material the head is noticeably stiffer in all directions. it is not as stiff as other heads on the market such as the STX Omega series of heads but as an attackman heads don't have to hold up to constant checks on the end of a pole. This subtle change in the plastic will certainly make the head more durable and will last a lot longer before the head begins to warp.

If you were a fan of the original Kinetik then the Kinetik 2.0 will be a great choice for you and if your looking for a head designed for a high pocket with a tight face shape definitely check it out.

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