Vintage Vault

In recent news we have started a new YouTube series, the Vintage Vault. We dig through our collection of old school plastic heads and even some woodies thrown in there for good measure. We must have one of the largest collections of vintage sticks and heads outside North America and quite possibly one of the largest in the world.

Vintage Vault STX Excalibur

In the first episode Jason talks about the history of the Excalibur. On October 4,1998, the Excalibur was born as STX was granted the patent for the "ornamental design of a lacrosse stick head". The open sidewall design was the first of it kind and the head went on to become one of the most popular heads of all time. Here at the store we have over 20 Excaliburs in our collection including some brand new unused ones still with tags.

With the original Excalibur's open sidewall design it made it one of the lighter heads around for its time. Although the head has now become more of a defensive orientated head, every position used this head back in the day. Nobody would used this head through the 1990's would have a bad thing to say about it.

Even now heads such as the X10 and the X20 still use that iconic trestle design, but we'll cover the X20 at a later date

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