Leading Lacrosse Brands Falling Short On Production

Leading Lacrosse Brands Falling Short On Production


There is a shortage of lacrosse equipment and there will continue to be a shortage for quite a while. You might need to start stockpiling vintage lacrosse equipment found on eBay if things don't start improving soon.

You'll struggle to find a single company on the planet that wasn't affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and it's fair to say that it seems to be hitting the lacrosse brands pretty hard. You might have seen our own story we recently posted on YouTube. 

A combination of factory closures, shortage of raw materials, no containers to ship product, shortage of freight space on boats and planes. The whole supply chain is heavily affected and that is resulting in many, if not all of the lacrosse equipment brands falling short on product for retailers for the 2021/22 season.

Now don't panic.......unless your hunting desperately for a pair of 2022 compliant shoulder pads to play high school or collage lacrosse in the USA.  

Here at Northern Soul we are well stocked for this season and beyond. Although some lines might be an issue, we are better prepared than any other lacrosse retailer to supply our existing and brand new customers.

So panic not. You can update your gear by visiting us online, instore or at a lacrosse event. Northern Soul Sportswear has you covered.


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