Smashingly Good Pockets Here At Northern Soul

Smashingly Good Pockets Here At Northern Soul

If you use Instagram and follow other lacrosse accounts then the chances are you'll have come across smashtime_strings who in real life is called David Swartz.

We'd met Dave a number of times while attending the US Lacrosse Convention so when we heard on the grapevine that Dave was moving from Texas to Scotland it was a no-brainer to ask him to hop aboard the Soul Train....literally travelling to our store in Manchester from the land of the deep fried Mars bar.. 

Well, we are happy to say that Smashtime has jumped at the opportunity to join the Soul Nation crew and is spending a couple of days a week in the shop and also working remotely on a ton of heads. It's no secret that over the years Northern Soul has had some of, if not, THE best stringers outside of North America stringing sticks for the community here in Europe so we warmly welcomed Dave to our stable of Elite stringers

Keep an eye out for some great content from Smashtime over the coming months, in the meanwhile enjoy Dave's first thoughts on the soon to be released Gait Icon.

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