Soul Points Loyalty Program

Soul Points Loyalty Program

Did you know that with every purchase of you now make with Northern Soul, you are earning loyalty points? If you've answered no then don't panic as you can still collect and redeem points you've earnt on previous purchases on lacrosse equipment but you will need to register here

You'll start earning points from the moment you sign up as we gift you the first 100 points. You earn 1 point per £1 spent online, instore or when purchasing from our tent at an event. Once you've signed up you can upload your birthday to your account for a bonus 200 points.

If you are a little late to the party then don't panic. Once signed up our system will search for your previous purchases and credit you for any points earnt since the reward program has been in place.

Redeeming your points is super easy too. 200 points are worth a £10 discount code, 400 equal £20, you get the idea. Simply log in and redeem your points for a discount code and enter at the checkout when buying online or we can assist you if buying in person instore or at one of the events you may see one our pop up shops.

Northern Soul has been and always will be the best European lacrosse store giving customers the very best buying experience. 


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