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Vintage Vault - Brine Swerve

Vintage Vault - Brine Swerve

Jason Perrin |

In the 33 years that I've played and coached lacrosse there's been a crazy amount of lacrosse equipment hit the market. During this time the lacrosse head has developed to the point where we had to change the rules several times over as the new tech was literally changing the game itself.

Not every head that hit retail stores proved to be a winner with customers. Some stick heads were nothing more than gimmicks, some broke too easily and there were heads that were just damn ugly. 

For those of you that follow our YouTube Channel you might well have seen a few of our Vintage Vault series covering lacrosse equipment from the past. In this weeks episode we take a look at a head made famous by the great Mikey Powell, one of the greatest players of all time. The Brine Swerve had a very unique feature in that it had removable sidewall inserts!