Top Five Men's Lacrosse Midfield Heads for 2022

Top Five Men's Lacrosse Midfield Heads for 2022

When it comes to lacrosse heads designed for midfielders consumers are spoiled for choice. But which five do we consider the best of the bunch?

First up, and should come as no surprise is the STX Stallion 900. The Stallion line by STX has long been considered the finest for midfielders and the Stallion 900, the most recent version does not disappoint. It has some really great improvements and design features. It features the Redesigned Speed Scoop™ for easier groundballs, regardless of angle of attack. For those of you that like to string your sticks to the inside to get that extra hold and channel, the Stallion 900 has Innerlock™ which makes stringing to the inside rail easy. It also features the deepest legal offset increases ball feel and retention, with a sidewall profile that naturally pushes the ball to a mid or mid/high pocket. The durability concerns of the Stallion Omega were alleviated by using a different plastic, EnduraForm™ - a proprietary material for improved toughness.

Next up is the Maverik Tactik 2.0. After the great success of the original Tactik, Maverik delivered big time with the second version. In our opinion this is one of the most balanced heads on the market and will not let you down whether you are on offense, defense, or anywhere in-between. Featuring a newly modified Ground Control scoop & throat – The Tactik 2.0 head delivers an impressive strength to weight ratio ideal for accurate and powerful shots on the run. Maverik updated this head to include 20 stringing holes allowing for endless customization guaranteeing a tailored pocket for every player. The Tactik 2.0 utilizes new Control Core & Optimal Release Point technology to create a superior profile for offensive accuracy and added ball control on the run.


While the first two heads are lauded for their versatility, the third is an offensive juggernaut. Another sequel, the ECD Mirage 2.0 for the offensive minded midfielder and is an absolute dream for shooting. ECD made significant improvements in design and construction from the original Mirage, which was their initial head offering. The Mirage 2.0 features an aggressive offset, tight face shape, stiff construction, and perfect scoop. Each detail helps create the shooter’s dream. A stick that basically slaps corners for you. Perfect for sneaky snipes and step-down cranks. 


The next head on our list also is part of a famous line of heads, the Nike Lakota 3. Also known as the L3, it is much more similar to the original Lakota that put Nike on the map than the Lakota 2 which had a wider, less offensively minded face-shape. That tight face shape enhances control and accuracy combined with a deep bottom rail that is suited for mid to high pockets makes it a weapon on offense. It has an optimal shape for ground ball play. Finally, high-performance PowerForm™ material provides durability in all conditions.

We round our list out with the GC3 by Gait. Like the rest of this list, this head is the next in the line of midfield heads, though it is actually a continuation of the now defunct Under Armour Command line. Gait has not missed a beat, however, delivery a head worthy of the Command name. One big upgrade in this line is the new Pro-Form material that alleviates excessive warping during play for lightweight durability. Like most elite midfield heads it is suited for a mid to high pocket that provides incredible hold and control in every aspect of your game. Another important feature is the lightening quick scoop that reduces "turf drag". The legendary multi-hole stringing system allows you to create limitless stinging options for any style of play.

Pair any of these heads with Northern Soul's elite custom stringing and you will not regret it, but the other team will!

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