Lacrosse Goggles Buying Guide

Lacrosse Goggles Buying Guide

Unlike men that wear an assortment of pads and a full helmet, the only gear that women wear to play outfield is a pair of lacrosse goggles. Although goggles are mandatory in North America and a handful of Countries around the World, here in the UK and indeed most lacrosse playing Countries you will find goggles are optional.

There are some things you should consider when choosing a new pair of lacrosse goggles. 


This has to be the number one consideration when buying a par of goggles although there are some more minimal designs which still offer outstanding protection.


Now the first thing here is buying the right size. Youth goggles really are only designed for very small faces. most girls 12 upwards should really be wearing adult goggles. Although adults are one size fits all, that's really not the case as some will suit your face shape better than others. The silicone padding should comfortable on the lower part of your forehead and not dig into your cheeks. 


There's no such thing as a heavy pair of goggles but there's certainly some lighter models on the market. Look for high quality, yet light material such as Titanium is you want goggles that are superlight but please note that these will be at the top end cost wise.


The great thing is that there is a good selection of goggles on the market at various price points. 

 It's safe to say that our best selling goggles are the STX 4 Sight + S. This model is available in youth and adult sizes and will not break the bank. The uniquely made silicone padding is moisture and sweat resistant. The 4Sight+ S Goggle feature an oval wire design to allow for more visibility and wider viewing angles to make sure you can see the whole field.


STX 4 Sight + S lacrosse goggle


Another very popular model is the STX Focus S which comes in a variety of colour options.  With patented oval wire design and a lightweight frame the Focus S delivers superior visibility and comfort. They also feature  form-fitting silicone padding that is easy to clean and does not absorb sweat or moisture.


STX Focus S lacrosse goggle


The STX Focus XV-S are one of the most expensive models but usually a winner with players who've had the opportunity to try a pair on. Comfortable, protective and they look great! Definitely worth taking a look if your budget allows.


STX Focus XV-S lacrosse goggle


Top of the range from STX is the Focus S Ti. With titanium wire these are the goggles of choice for players at the elite level wanting durability, protection, excellent vision and lightness. Most other goggles are primarily made with steel, however since titanium is not only stronger than steel. With a more minimalistic design the Focus Ti allow for premium visibility in game play.


Focus S Ti lacrosse goggle


Although STX has dominated the lacrosse goggle market over the years there are definitely some other brands worth looking at when it comes to goggles. 

 The Cascade Poly Arc are hugely popular, with a polycarbonate frame which contours to the face for reduced weight and added strength. With a silicone-lined strap for ultimate positioning and grip on the head, these goggles stay in place! Designed to fit a wide range of face shapes and sizes.


Cascade Poly Arc lacrosse goggle


If you've been living under a rock then you might not be aware of Gait. Well take it from us, Gait have been making serious moves over the past couple of years producing some outstanding products. The Gait Vision goggles feature a flexible frame which reduces pressure points for a more flexible fit, this model also have matte black stainless steel wire for performance vision. 


Gait Vision lacrosse goggle


The Gait Glory are the top end model and are a titanium wire design with black on inside for performance vision making it a popular option at the elite level. EVA material reduces weight and adds comfort. Despite being a higher price point, the Glory has been a hot seller within the UK lacrosse community. 


Gait Glory lacrosse goggle


One thing all the above goggles have in common is they can't be worn over glasses. The Unique Over The Glasses goggles fit over most prescription glasses. Made of shatterproof polycarbonate they are lightweight and comfortable although lacking that cool look they are pretty much the only current option available.  


Unique Over The Glasses lacrosse goggle


Here at Northern Soul we offer you the widest range of women's lacrosse goggles anywhere in the UK and mainland Europe. As always, if you need some help feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

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